ESTHOD GLOBAL SERVICES is an Integrated Fluids Engineering Company that is established to service the growing need Operators in Oil and Gas Industry as we aim to contribute to Operators successful drilling operations through the provision of high expertise Engineers with vast knowledge of Drilling Operations by offering a real time technical support both Onshore and Offshore to solving operators drilling challenges and various cost saving initiatives with respect to Drilling and Completions Fluids, Solids Control and Environmental Solutions.

We are positioned to redefine Oil and Gas Company through the provision of high breed and quality chemicals / products at affordable price, creating a lasting solution to Drilling issues, constant Research and Development into new technology in the field of Drilling Fluids without negating our Host Community and Environment which makes our mantra ‘’ Respect for Environment’’

Our Key Performance Index (KPI) is a driver to the achievement of Operators Drilling goals and also helps ESTHOD to develop her internal Organizational structure, this also help to build confidence with our customers as we rely on our customers to build Profile and Experience. ESTHOD Key Asset is our Customers and Employee as we place them in fore front of discussion.

In order to be successful in current Market, ESTHOD offer business strategy to appease Operators. Our segmented approach to solving Clients problems allows us to enter a partnership agreement with other company with a world class record of success in Drilling Fluids.

We are a one stop company that meets the need of our customers by also providing logistics support there by saving them the stress of multiple tenders and avoid the risk of imminent litigations that may arise.

Our overall development is dependent on our clients, Respect for Environment, Safety for me, for you and for All.

Optimizing best quality products to enhance services delivery and productivity at within our Customer reach while not compromising quality

To place ESTHOD GLOBAL in a strategic location within the entire Geographical sphere in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Our continued development is committed to constant Research and Development into a new technology and personnel training to be abreast of latest information in the world of Oil and Gas Industry.